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We love our cats like they were people. This love sometimes blinds us to the point that we want to feed them only the finest “premium” cat foods, and these are usually the expensive kinds that come in cans and appeal to our own human senses. The manufacturers and marketers woo us with the food so perfectly appealing we may almost be tempted to try it ourselves! Some present actors playing veterinarians, telling us their food is better for our cat's digestive tract, joints, or predatory psychology. Eventually, we look at our paychecks or bank accounts and wonder, “Hmm, what is the best cheap cat food?”

This review investigates that question, diving into what combinations of nutrition and taste can please both your kitty and your wallet. Let's start with some of the most common questions we hear about cats' nutritional needs and the foods designed and marketed to fulfill them.

The Best Cheap Cat Food: FAQ

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How Can We Define Cheap Cat Food?

What Are the Most Important Nutritional Considerations?

What Should I Consider Beyond Protein and Carbohydrate Content?

What If My Vet Recommends a Specific Nutritional Approach?

How We Reviewed the Best Cheap Cat Food Options

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Just as reading the nutrition labels on our own food is a great habit, learning how to read cat food ingredients intelligently tunes you in to the fact that the best food does not have to cost more. With this as our guide, we created a long list of best cheap cat food candidates. We then took into account expert opinions, consumer reviews, and more than a few staffers' kitty bowls to narrow down to just 10 candidates for the best cheap cat food overall.

We recommend this as a final test: Buy a single can or a small bag of the food you are considering. Then feed it to your cat. Does he or she eat it? If no remains the answer after one more try, move on to another brand. If yes, it is time to invest in the larger packages that are much cheaper by volume.

Overall Price Range

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Every entry on our list of the best cheap cat foods comes in at under $20 for at least a 48-serving package. Many of the packages deliver significantly more servings than that. For one cat, this allows you to get more than a month's trial out of a single purchase. Many brands also have subscription options on Amazon, which will provide a significant discount if you commit to regular purchases.

What We Reviewed


SHEBA PERFECT PORTIONS 2.6 oz. Multipack Pate, Delicate Salmon and Tender Whitefish & Tuna Wet Cat Food (24 Twin Packs)
  • Contains twenty-four (24) 2.6 oz. twin pack trays (48 servings total) of SHEBA PERFECT PORTIONS Wet Cat Food Paté in Natural Juices Seafood Variety Pack: (12) Delicate Salmon Entrée and (12) Tender Whitefish & Tuna Entrée
  • Easy-to-use cat food trays: Just snap, peel, and serve
  • Individual trays of fresh meals mean that you'll have zero messy leftovers, unlike canned cat food
  • Made without grains, corn, wheat, or soy... plus, no artificial flavors or preservatives, so you can feel good about the wet pate you feed your feline
  • Delightfully flavorful, this smooth and savory pate features a light and delectable texture cats can't resist in delicious salmon, whitefish, and tuna flavors

This wet cat food is packaged in convenient single-serving tear-off-the-top packets, and so there is no need to seal or refrigerate unused portions. The variety pack lets you try different flavors to see what your cat prefers. Each flavor's ingredients starts with real meat products, so you know you are getting protein first. The wet-pack nature of each version of this best cheap cat food selection makes the meal easy for your kitty to chew. All flavors are made without corn or artificial flavors or preservatives.

This product can be found on Amazon for around $$ for a 24-count of two-serving packets (48 servings total).

The full ingredients list is too long to present here, but we'll note that each flavor includes real meat products for protein, fish oils for moisture, and vitamins and minerals for added nutritional support.

Cat Chow Indoor

Cat Chow Indoor, 16 Pounds
  • One (1) 16 Pound Bag Of Purina Cat Chow Indoor
  • Helps Control Hairballs
  • Helps promote a healthy weight
  • Accents Of Garden Greens
  • Provides All 25 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

This dry cat food is formulated with a focus on adult indoor cats, which tend to be less active. This formulation helps with weight control and hairball management. Numerous cat owners remarked that even their fussy eaters preferred this cat food to others.

This product can be found on Amazon for around $ for a 16-lb. bag, which equates to about $0.80 per pound.

We found another lengthy list of ingredients on the Cat Chow package, but there was a clear focus on animal products for protein. This option does have cornmeal as an ingredient, but it also includes numerous vitamins and mineral additives.

Muse Natural Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food

Muse by Purina Natural, Grain Free Dry Cat Food, Charmed With Chicken, Egg & Pumpkin Recipe - 4 lb. Bag
  • 4 Lb. Bag - Muse By Purina Charmed With Chicken Natural Chicken, Egg & Pumpkin Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food
  • Real Chicken As The #1 Ingredient
  • A Flavor Cats Love From A Blend Of Ingredients Like Chicken, Pumpkin, Egg, And Accents Of Spinach
  • Gluten- And Grain-Free Formula Contains No Corn, Wheat Or Soy
  • Made Without Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Preservatives For Natural Goodness

This dry cat food from Purina emphasizes natural ingredients with real meat as the protein ingredient and a grain-free (that means no corn, wheat, or soy) formulation. It is also made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

We found this product on Amazon for around $ for a 14 lb bag, which shakes out to about $ per pound.

Prominent components of this recipe include chicken, egg, and pumpkin, essential nutrient additives, and spinach accents.

Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Naturals Cat Food

Purina Fancy Feast Natural Wet Cat Food, Gourmet Naturals White Meat Chicken Recipe in Gravy - (12) 3 oz. Cans
  • Twelve (12) 3 oz. Cans - Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Naturals White Meat Chicken Recipe in Gravy Adult Wet Cat Food
  • Made with real chicken
  • Crafted without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Made without corn or soy
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your adult cat

This wet cat food in cans provides 100% of the balanced nutrition your adult cat needs. It is made from white-meat chicken in chicken gravy, with no artificial colors, flavors, corn, soy, or preservatives.

This product can be found on Amazon for around $ for twelve 3-oz. cans. This is approximately 24 servings for an adult cat, so you will pay around $ per serving.

This Purina cat food contains primarily chicken and chicken by-products, with no corn or soy.

Nutro Max Indoor Cat Adult Dry Cat Food

Nutro Max Cat Indoor Adult Roasted Chicken Flavor Dry Cat Food (1)16 Pounds; Rich In Nutrients And Full Of Flavor; Supports Healthy Joints & Healthy Skin And Coat
  • Nutro Max Cat Indoor Adult Roasted Chicken Flavor Dry Cat Food (1)16 Pounds; Fortified With Vitamins And Minerals, Max Dry Cat Food Comes With Our Guaranteed Great Taste Or Your Money Back
  • Nutro Quality Pledge: Natural Ingredients Carefully Sourced From Our Trusted Network Of Farmers And Suppliers; No Chicken By-Product Meal, No Soy, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Preservatives; Cooked In Our Usa Facilities With The Finest Ingredients From Around The World
  • Get Ready To Hear The Purrs When You Open Our Delicious Nutro Dry Cat Food, It Is Always Made With High Quality Proteins And Delicious Ingredients Carefully Sourced To Add Flavor And Create A Special Daily Dish For Your Cat
  • Purr Guaranteed: There Is No Greater Privilege Than Being Loved By A Pet, And There Is Also No Greater Responsibility, That'S Why Nutro Tasty Cat Recipes Are Full Of Flavor And Rich In Nutrients They Will Love: 100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back
  • Our Dry Cat Food Supports Healthy Skin And Coat, Or Fur Health; Delivers Balanced Nutrition For A Strong Immune System And It Supports Healthy Digestion, Our Cat Food Provides Complete And Balanced Nutrition For The Well Being Of Your Pet

This dry cat food formulated for indoor cats contains chicken but no chicken byproducts. It also packs Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids for skin and fur health, taurine for vision and heart, and antioxidants to support your cat's immune system.

This product can be found on Amazon for around $ for a 6-lb. bag, which is $ per pound.

With this product, Nutro Max focuses on the use of real meat rather than meat byproducts. This food also contains additives carefully chosen for their specific health benefits, including heart health and immune system support.

Tiki Cat Grill

Tiki Cat Grill Grain-Free, Low-Carbohydrate Wet Food with Whole Seafood in Broth for Adult Cats & Kittens, 2.8oz, 12pk, Tuna & Prawns
  • GRAIN FREE WET FOOD - Rely on the delicious blend in Tiki Cat Grill to provide complete and balanced nutrition for your cat in any life stage.
  • HIGH MOISTURE WET CAT FOOD - Count on the high moisture content of each can of Cat Grill to give your cat the supplemental water she needs.
  • NUTRIENT RICH CAT FOOD - Real tuna is the first ingredient, giving your cat the nutrition she needs and the taste she loves.
  • REAL FISH, REAL MEAT, REAL PROTEIN - Our protein rich cat food offers delicious seafood flavors in each bite.
  • ONLY QUALITY INGREDIENTS - High protein, real fish recipes with no carbs, grains, by-products, or fillers.

This low-carb, high-moisture, canned cat food is designed to provide complete nutrition for your cat at any age. The high moisture content is designed to boost your cat's water intake. Real tuna is the primary ingredient, delivering both sound nutrition and a taste most cats love.

This product can be found on Amazon for around $ for a 12-pack of 2-serving cans, so you will be paying about $ per standard serving.

This formulation lists tuna first, with pumpkin to provide needed fiber and water to boost your cat's daily, hydrating intake with each meal.

Beyond Grain Free Natural Recipe

Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural Dry Cat Food, Grain Free Ocean Whitefish & Egg Recipe - 11 lb. Bag
  • 11 Lb. Bag Purina Beyond Grain Free Ocean Whitefish & Egg Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food
  • Packaging May Vary
  • Real Ocean Whitefish Is The #1 Ingredient
  • Grain Free Solution For Your Cat'S Daily Diet
  • Made Without Corn, Wheat Or Soy

This dry cat food emphasizes ocean whitefish as the primary ingredient in a grain-free formulation that specifically excludes corn, wheat, and soy products. This product is notable for its limited number of ingredients compared to many other products in this category.

This product can be found on Amazon for around $ for a 5-lb. bag, so you should expect to pay about $ per pound.

Whitefish and egg make up the bulk of this simple, nutritionally sound cat food formulation.

Meow Mix Pate Wet Cat Food

Meow Mix Classic Pate Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, 2.75-Ounce Cups (Pack Of 24)
  • Contains 24 - 2.75 Oz Cups
  • A Variety Of Tasty Flavor Combinations In A Smooth Pate
  • 100% Complete And Balanced Nutrition For Adult Cats
  • Classic Pate With Real Tuna (8Cups), Classic Pate Mixed Grill With Real Beef, Tuna, & Chicken (8Cups), Classic Pate With Real Chicken & Liver (8Cups)

The classic Meow Mix brand is now available in a wet, canned format. This variety pack allows you to test flavors with your cat to see what he or she prefers. Each flavor is formulated from meat first for protein, including real beef, tuna, or chicken. Additionally, each flavor provides 100% of your cat's required nutrition.

This product can be found on Amazon for around $$ for a 24-pack (which amounts to 48 servings), so each serving will cost you about 35 cents.

Ingredients included in this Meow Mix food vary by flavor, but each flavor is made primarily from that flavor's named protein: beef, tuna, or chicken.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul Indoor Cat Food - Chicken & Brown Rice, 5 lb
  • First Ingredient Is Chicken
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Supports Wellness, Health And Happiness

Chicken is the namesake and primary ingredient in this dry cat food. The formulation uses a powdered cellulose fiber ingredient to help your cat's digestive system move hair and prevent hairballs.

We found this cat food on Amazon for around $$ for a 5-lb. bag.

Chicken comes a clear and strong first on this ingredient list, with powdered cellulose as a fiber element.

Weruva B.F.F. OMG – Best Feline Friend Oh My Gravy! Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Pouches

Weruva Best Feline Friend (BFF) Pouch Variety Pack Cat Food, Pouch 3oz Variety #1 (12 pouches)
  • Oh My Gravy! - we've paired real WHOLE ingredients with even more irresistible gravy, so your cats will be licking their plates clean and asking for more!
  • Hydration focused foods - OMG! Recipes have a simple and safe focus - high quality protein with hydration. Your cat will get the moisture they need to stay happy and healthy in a delicious gravy.
  • Safe & SUSTAINABLE - All Tuna in b.F.F. Is certified Dolphin and sea Turtle safe with line-caught Tuna that is sustainably sourced with modern fishing Practices.
  • A complete meal - Each recipe is a complete and balanced food for adult maintenance with added vitamins and minerals.
  • Free of - Grain, gluten, carrageenan, wheat, soy, MSG, and artificial flavors or colors.

Individually sealed pouches for each serving make this cat food favorite easy to serve, with no re-packing or refrigerating required for an unused portion. This is also a flavor variety package, so you can test flavors with your cat before investing in a larger amount of any single flavor. Each formulation has a protein-first recipe with minimal processing used and no grains, artificial colors, or preservatives included.

This product can be found on Amazon for around $$ for a 12-pouch pack that delivers 24 standard servings. That equals about 58 cents per serving.

Your pet will be getting wild-caught tuna, beef, or chicken (depending on flavor) and no grain products at all.

The Verdict

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This entire list is a variety pack. There is no certain, non-debatable top pick or lessor pick. The major decision you have to make is to choose between wet or dry foods. With our under-$20 trial guideline, and an emphasis on protein-first best cheap cat food picks, as well as a general stance against grain-heavy formulations, virtually any selection from the list is a good place to start and test what your cat likes.

Ultimately, of every cat food we researched and served up, we were delighted with the enthusiasm cats had for the Cat Chow indoor dry food and the all-natural formulations of the Weruva B.F.F. OMG wet versions. Additionally, we were impressed with the single-serving packet options provided by the Weruva B.F.F. OMG.

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