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Jim Ketter here. If you’re visiting our website, then you’re probably looking for ways to save money on your grocery bill each month. Or, you may be interested in amassing enough of the necessities to last for a while in case of disaster. No matter what your reason, here at bettertobuybulk.com, we know it pays to be well stocked and prepared.

When I was young, my parents were constantly trying to keep up on supplies for six kids and two adults. It seemed as if it were a never-ending chore for them. But then they had a habit of only buying things when we ran out. Waiting until there was none, unfortunately, meant that there were times when we went without some things. Eventually, my mother discovered the advantages of buying in bulk. With a little bit of effort, she was able to amass and keep supplies flowing all month long. The change that resulted in our lifestyle stuck with me, and as a result, I realized that it’s better to buy in bulk.

One of the most obvious benefits to buying in bulk is that the price per unit drops. Of course, there are things you should and should not buy in bulk. Anything that has a short shelf life, such as vegetables, for instance, is best bought fresh. You can buy candy in bulk. But do you need to do so? That’s up to you. Toothpaste, sure you can stock up, but check the expiration date if it’s natural. As a matter of fact, anything that’s natural with no preservatives is probably better bought when needed. However, canned goods, dish washing detergent, and rice are all great candidates for buying bulk.

Here at bettertobuybulk.com, we’ll help you determine what makes sense to buy in bulk, how to figure out your per unit costs, and where to get the best deals. We always welcome your questions and suggestions. Please leave a comment on one of our posts or shoot us an email. Either way, if you need more information, let us know. We’re here to help. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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